Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Binge Scarf

A long, skinny, fashion scarf. The perfect accent for a summer ensemble!

This project is great for leftover sock yarn, or that real pretty hand dyed hank you just don't know what to do with. I used a sock weight, but you could use any weight. Just go up a couple of needle sizes from the yarn's recommended needle size to keep the knit a bit looser.

The pattern is a simple feather and fan variation that is easy to memorize. Perfect pairing for that dark British crime drama you need to pay a bit more attention too. (I suggest Lochness if you haven't already watched. Reminds me of Shetland, my absolute favorite.)

The finished length will depend on how much yarn you have and how many episodes you plan on bingeing! A shorter length with heavier yarn would make a great head scarf. A lace weight yarn on US1 needles would make the perfect bookmark. The combinations are endless. You binge you!

YARN: See notes above, but I used sock weight.

NEEDLES: US5 (about 2 sizes larger than called for)

GAUGE: Not critical, but you want the knit to be more loose than tight.


Cast on 20 stitches.

ROW 1: Knit
ROW 2: Purl
ROW 3: K1, (K2tog)x3, (YO, K1)x6, (K2tog)x3, K1.
ROW 4: Purl.

Repeat Rows 1-4 to desired length, ending with Row 2.

Bind off knitwise. Weave in ends.

Because of the length, I steam blocked mine with an iron on a terry cloth towel, so as not to crush the knit. A shorter length is easily wet blocked. But again, do what you are most comfortable with. A little bit of roll to this scarf adds to its character.

Stay safe. Stay home. Embrace your binge!