Monday, July 12, 2010

Tid Bits

It has come to my attention that I have not posted in a number of months. I have my reasons. (One being carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand. Another being a very full visit from my niece. Another being I have been just plain lazy.) For all of those reasons, I apologize profusely. That said, until I have the time for a proper offering - read: until I get off my duff and write something - I offer you some previously expressed tid bits. Please enjoy.


So last night when I was walking to my apartment from the carport, I passed a neighbor going out who was wearing earphones - obviously listening to her ipod - except she was carrying not an ipod but a ipad. It was so large that she was carrying it in her arm as if it were a binder. It struck me as amusing that in this day of smaller being better, electronically speaking, Apple has effectively reversed that ethic. Her new 'ipod' took me back to the giant mobile phones of the 80s! What's next? Some sort of arm or hip rig so you can jog with the huge ipad strapped to you?

My friend Alicia pointed out that I may be speaking rashly, reminding me that, "Steve Jobs can do no wrong." But even Alicia concedes that you always have to hold an ipad, especially when you want to type. "Thus, the device will either have to be on your lap, on a table or held at an awkward angle. Until, inevitably they develop a separate keyboard which you will plug into the ipad, making it operate more like a LAPTOP or a DESKTOP. Yep. He's a genius, that one."

Quite a route for Apple to take to eventually develop their own version of my Dell Mini.

To which my sister Jenny added, "But it's revolutionary! Revolutionary for people to go backwards!"

That said, enjoy your ipads everyone. Until, of course, the idesk renders it obsolete.

Abercrombie Boy and Girl

So I am sitting at the grove - don't ask - enjoying my turkey sandwich from the Nordstrom deli when I glance to the left and into the Abercrombie entrance where there stand two of the most uninterested employees I have ever seen.

The shirtless boy - who must train with that wolf kid - is chewing the inside of his cheek, thus contorting his purely average face. (Obviously, he was hired for his pecs alone). He assumes a stance which serves to keep his pants at a modest--and I use that term loosely--waistline. His pants are so low, I expect to see him at Burke Williams for a bikini wax next weekend.

The girl next to him is comparatively dressed for the nunnery. Although her bright and big flounced floral print skirt barely covers her crotch, she wears a full coverage black tee with a cropped denim jacket over. The only thing missing is the large scarf tied in a bow in her hair--off to the side of course--and she could be right out of that 80s movie "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

They both stand, propped up against the wall with the bleakest of looks on their faces. As if to say, "You don't want to come in here. Really. It's boring. I'm bored. Aren't you bored just looking at me? My pecs aren't even enticing right now, that's how boring we are."

But I guess that is what the kids are looking for these days, because the shop definitely isn't empty. Go figure. I must be old.

On Angels & Demons

The movie was good, but wish I hadn't read the book. It is a story that needs to be propelled by surprise and suspense and if you already know what is going to happen, all that is left is fast driving through tiny roman streets and the sights of Vatican City - when it isn't a set.

One final thought...

When the end of the world comes, if I am still around, I want John Cuzak to pick me up in that Winnebago! Honestly, have you ever seen a vehicle handle better in an apocalyptic situation?